Sunday, 23 August 2015

TVG’s Perform in Doncaster

Last Tuesday the Gardenvale TVG’s travelled to Doncaster East to perform for the children at Donburn Primary School. After boarding our bus, courtesy of McKinnon Basketball Association, and Jennie’s car we settled down for the one hour trip to Doncaster East. We arrived only 15 minutes before the first show and the children, amazingly, were able to go straight on stage without any rehearsal and perform brilliantly. We performed our second show with only half an hour in between and by 12.30pm we were done. The VCE Principal Julie Hoskin kindly took the whole group into the staff room where she had donuts, biscuits and lots of other goodies for the kids to eat.  Donburn were a wonderful audience and were very appreciative of us.

From there it was back into the vehicles and by 1.15pm we were at Doncaster Shoppingtown for lunch in the Food Court. We then climbed the Doncaster Tower to the 9th floor where we admired the view of Melbourne. The kind lady in one of the offices allowed the children into the meeting room so we could see the view back towards Brighton. After posing for endless photos, selfies and time lapse frames, it was time to head home where we arrived just after 3.30pm having had a wonderful day. The children were such a pleasure to travel with and were fine ambassadors for our school. A huge thanks to Jennie Seymour for giving up her day and driving, filming and handing out prizes to the audience. We couldn’t have gone without you.